Call For Application: Apply For Director, Rules and Norms, New Payments

Call For Application: Apply For Director, Rules and Norms, New Payments 2022

Job Title 

 Director, Rules and Norms, New Payments 

 Your Role

  1.  • Produce new rule- grounded norms for new payment products and results 
  2. • Bring a vision for how to optimize the structure of Franchise and program norms to simplify participation and drive scale 
  3.  • Manage the ongoing collation, formatting, and publication of all program attestation 
  4.  • Partner with crucial stakeholders to insure all essential documents are reviewed, revised, and streamlined in agreement with client commitments 
  5.  • Organize document peer review sessions as needed 
  6. • Coordinate ongoing alignment between program attestation and Ballot norms 
  7.  • Assess and cover all friction requests entered from actors, match integration with global process 
  8.  • Represent program requirements in evaluation of unborn changes to Franchise norms 
  9.  • Partner with applicable product brigades to evolve rules and norms in a way that reinforces the abecedarian program value and unlocks growth 

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All About You 

  •  • Bring a focus and ambition for invention and growth, erected on foundational experience but not limited by it 
  •  • Bring a vision for the growth of Mastercard’smulti-network enablement strategy through direct norms development 
  •  • Have experience with account grounded, briskly payments, real time payments, remittance, or analogous network service – immaculately with exposure to both the rules and specialized areas of the business 
  • • Expert written chops with capability to codify norms in a way that maintains the required integrity while accommodating client prospects and assiduity accepted practices 
  •  • Capability to easily communicate compelling dispatches to elderly operation and business mates 
  •  • Capability to drive internal alignment across all needed functional areas, including business development, product development, legal, client delivery, specialized account operation, indigenous, marketing, public policy, operations and technology 
  •  • Attention to detail, strong business wit and results- exposure are critical, as is an capability to demonstrate allowed leadership 
  • • Must be tone- directed, flexible and suitable tomulti-task while working in a platoon- terrain covering multiple time zones, original lifestyles and business lines 
  •  • Suitable to yield in a grueling atmosphere, while exercising sound judgment in unique circumstances, and unchartered or nebulous areas 
  •  • Suitable to juggle substantial contending demands and acclimatize to evolving precedences 
  •  • Capability to structure, manage, and coordinate complex systems with multiple stakeholders 
  • • Strong internal and external relationship structure and operation, and capability to impact others 

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