How To Login To P-YES Portal/Website

 P-yes Program Update on how to login to your p-yes dashboard in p-yes website/portal

For those  when they go and put their Gmail on the p-yes portal / website and tell them so


Unknown email address. Check again or try your username.👈


P-yes login portal

To my knowledge, anyone who put their Gmail on the p-yes website and does so, they’ve Apply before they  change the portal. If you do not forget when the portal was opened there is no place to create your password. And the people were very numerous. The portal was later closed for 48 hours. After a few hours, they reopened the portal. But then it was reopened. Then came some changes. Example

First, there is no place to create a password

Then I come to SBL. You will find some of the items you upload include Gmail. Then come to the end where you submit and just click I M NOT ROBOT 👈. You can only click submit. Then after you click submit it will not show you your register is Pending 👈 it will not only show you successfully 👈 but after the portal has been changed. Then came the change.

To complete the process, create a password 👈

And the second beneficiary 👈 besides Gmail because they removed Gmail. They have removed their Gmail account.

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Then after you complete the registration you will not be able to submit then click I M NOT ROBOT 👈 after you click it will show you ☑️👈 after that click on submit shikenan it will show you it successfully but it is Pending. Then they say you will be contacted once approved)

So I think anyone who completes that first before the system changes is going to log in and tell them this.


Unknown email address. Check again or try your username.

******* † *******

This is what I researched.


My question here.

Who fills the old. Before changing the system?


What are the consequences?


Who fills in the new after the system has been changed?


What a result.


Your answer will allow us to do more research.

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