NJFP Update: Nigeria Jubilee Follows Program Selection Processes for Shortlists/Organization.


NJFP Update: Nigeria Jubilee Follows Programme Selection Processes for Shortlists/Organization.


NJFP Selection Processes for Shortlists/Organization


The selection process for fellows is as follows:
  • Eligibility criteria for prospective fellows has been developed and is available on the ‘Eligibility criteria’ page of this website.
  • Prospective fellows will submit an application electronically against the criteria through the application page of this site.
  • Applications submitted through any other medium will not be considered.
  • Applications will be open for a duration of 6 weeks (with the start and closing dates clearly indicated). 
  • Applications will not be received after the closing date.
  • Applicants will be required to carefully review the selection criteria before beginning the application process. 
  • Only applicants that meet the minimum requirements will be considered for the next stages of the selection process.
  • An independent talent management company will review all of the submissions and produce a long list that will proceed to the next stage.
  • Long listed candidates will undergo a series of aptitude tests and assessments before final selection.
  • Given the expected high volume of applicants, the programme will only communicate to successful candidates.
  • The application cycle (from submission to selection process including matching to host organisations) is expected to last 12 weeks. In case of any changes, communication to this effect will be made.

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The selection process for the host organisations is as follows:
Eligibility criteria for host organisations has been developed is accessible on the ‘Eligibility criteria’ page of this website.
Prospective host organisations will be invited to express interest by completing the online application form on this website. Expressions of interest provided through any other mediums will not be considered.
Prospective host organisations are requested to provide all of the mandatory information, including supporting documents, as this will form the basis of the matching exercise with prospective fellows.
Prospective organisations that meet the requirements will be integrated into a database of host organisations in readiness for matching with pre-qualified fellows. The talent needs of the host organisations will be determined through the application process.
The placement cycle will be a collaborative process between the Jubilee Fellows Programme and the host organisations ensuring the needs of the organisations align to the interests of the fellows and vice versa
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