Theobarth Grants Disbursement Fresh Update.

Theobarth Grants Disbursement Fresh Update.

Theobert latest update

Theobarth Grants Disbursement Update  – The wait seems to be over for those that applied for Theobarth Foundation Grant to boost their business or start a business.

There have been endless waiting among applicants since 2021 when the application portal opened and Nigerians applied to receive funds.

Theobarth Foundation Grant Disbursement Date.

There have been widespread stories that Theobarth Foundation is about disbursing funds to applicants. This became popular on pages of online blogs this week. 

The development engineered joy in the heart of those applicants.

As the News spread that Theobarth Foundation will start disbursement of funds to applicants starting from 25th of April and ends on 29th of April, 2022.

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A keen finding shows that Theobarth Foundation has not issued a date for disbursement of funds to those that applied for funds.


Applicants should be careful of what they read and from the platform they read from. They’re lot of false information on the internet which does not reflects the thought and views of organizations.

Advice to all Applicants.

Applicants should endeavor to visit Theobarth Foundation News Blog for prompt update as regards funds disbursement.

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