Download Your Best CV Sample as List Of 2022/2023 100 CV samples in various fields put together For Esseness Of Your Job Searches

Download Your Best CV Sample as List Of 2022/2023 100 CV samples in various fields  put together For Esseness Of Your Job Searches

List Of best 100 CV for every field

Welcome to today Agajahub publisher has come up with the best list of update curriculum vitae CV for jobs seeking concerning every working fild in the world,

As we already know in this competitive era having a good and higher level CV is the only way out for you to get Job and making a very good CV profile must be not be done off Head rather you must follow some due process from the professional cv writers.

Therefore we gather all the type of updated professional CV in this year 2022/2023 

List Of 100 updated resume of all fild for your job seeking

1. Law (Pg19)

2. Political Sciences (Pg20)

3. Philosophy (Pg21)

4. Biological Anthropology (Pg22)

5. Geography (Pg23)

6. Media (Pg24)

7. Manufacturing Engineering (Pg25)

8. Social Anthropology (Pg26)

9. Sustainable Development (Pg27)

10. Real Estate (Pg28)

11. PostDoc in Genetics (Pg12)

12. PhD in Biochemistry (Pg13)

13. PhD in Criminology (Pg14)

14. PostDoc in Languages (Pg18)

15. PhD in Astrophysics (Pg25)

16. Data Science Internship (Pg32)

17. Skills-Based CV (Pg35)

Cover Letter Sample (Pg 39, 41)

18. Freshman General Resume

19. Urban Studies Resume

20. Social Science Resume

21. Transfer Art Practice Major Seeking Arts Internship

22. Major in Architecture Seeking Summer Internship

23. English Major with Creative Writing Minor Seeking Marketing Position

24. History Major with Leadership and HR Experience Seeking an HR Role

25. PreMed Student Applying to Health Professions

26. Psychology Major Seeking Social Services Internship

27. Chemistry Major Seeking Research Position

28. Mechanical Engineering Major Seeking Product Design Internship

29. Data Science Major Seeking Full-time Employment

30. CS Major Seeking Full-time Software Engineering Job

31. Chemical Engineering Major Seeking Related Internship

32. CV – English (Graduate Level)

33. Masters of Education with Interest in Policy Positions

34. Comparative Biochemistry (PhD)

35. Nutrition and Food Science

36. PhD in History

37. Accounting and Finance

38. Architecture

39. Marketing

40. Mechanical Engineering

41. Urban Planning, PhD (Pg5)

42. Musicology

43. Government

44. Neurobiology

44. Asian Languages and Civilizations

45. Molecular Pharmacology

With 6 Cover Letter Samples

46. Biology

47. Biomedical Engineering




51. Materials Science and Political Science Department

52. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pg6)

53. Nursing (Cover Letter, CV)

54. Agricultural Business

55. Agricultural Extension

56. Agricultural Education

57. Animal Science

58. Crop Science

59. Nutrition

60. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management (Pg3)

61. Disaster risk management

62. Veterinary medicine

63. Accounting (Pg9)

64. Computer Science (Pg6)

65. Civil Engineering (Pg7)

66. History (Pg10)

67. Optometry

68. Community/Public Health (Pg4)

69. Microbiology

70. International Relations

71. Mass Communication

72. Linguistics

73. Biotechnology

74. Hospitality and tourism

75. Information technology

78. Sociology


80. Construction Engineering Technology

81. Computer Engineering

82. Mechanical & Energy Engineering

83. Physics

84. Economics

85. Industrial Chemistry

86. Statistics

87. School of Design student resume

88. Health Administration, Health Education, and Nursing

89. Biomedical Science

90. Business Administration

91. Kinesiology

92. Broadcasting, RadioConcentration

93. Environmental Management

94. Psychology (Pg15)

95. Economics (Pg18)

96. Study of Women and Gender (Pg21)

With Cover letters

97. Marine Science and Aquatic Biology

98. Bioengineering with Material Science

99. Cellular Energy

100. Mathematics with Concentration in Data Science

The credit of gathering this professional CV goes to @temabef

Agajahub publishers

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