NG-CARES : Update About NG-CARES Program As Data Capturing and Payment Arrangements Is Going on in Some State

NG-CARES  : Update About NG-CARES Program As Data Capturing and Payment Arrangements Is Going on in Some State

 A total of seven hundred and fifty million dollars 750 million dollars have been allocated for this program, of which twenty million dollars 20 million dollars will be wasted in each state, and fifteen million dollars will be wasted 15 million dollars and this is the NG-CARES program. He was also allocated one million dollars, that is 15 million dollars.

The program will help to reduce the pain of poverty, unemployment, etc. in the community. And it is not only the ability of individuals, this program includes, even small independent experts. So if you have a business or a factory that is registered with the government like CAC TAX SEMEDAN and others, you can benefit from this program.

It’s like a survival fund program, but this is not for employees in the company, but they can also apply as an individual.


Each state has their own, so everyone will check the link of their state. Some states have opened portals to fill in, everyone has their own way. Some forms are provided and the form is free, everyone has their own. Therefore, everyone should investigate, but some states are closed.

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The program in some states is still open if you need it, you can register for support. link and choose to further confirm the information given in the first registration.

Out of the $20m distributed by the federal government to the states, which is equal to N8.30b for the ng-cares program under the supervision of the World Bank, information has confirmed that the Zamfara state government will spend 1.71 billion naira on the ng-cares program. which is now being conducted where some fill online and others offline, there is a portion allocated to those who fill online.

HERE IS THE LINK 4 ALL STATE NG-CARES Links of each State of Nigeria

Federal Capital Territory
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