About men jallabiya’s

Jallabiya’s or Jalamias are of East African origin and have a conventional style. The Jalamia, or Jalabiya, doubtless, has developed over time into even more fashionable and colorful clothing with pretty distinctive styles and patterns looked up for by individuals of many cultural origins and religious beliefs. , where they are visualized as a sign of tradition, dignity, and civilization, these clothing are more known.

They are made to shield the whole body starting from the neck to the feet. Nevertheless, they are made with both loose and long sleeve lengths. The men jellabiya is different from the Arabis thawb as it has a broad cut, mostly no collar in some instances no buttons.

The men’s Jellabiya is mostly worn during summer and exists in different colors but often white in Saudi Arabia. In times winter, chunky textiles that are dark green, grey, blue, olive, tan or banded are used. This clothing is usually worn with an a cap or a turban.

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