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If you love the world of fashion, particularly handbags, and would like to take part in or oversee the design process, a career as a handbag designer might be for you. These designers may observe current fashion trends to help create their own original designs and collections of handbags. They sketch or use computer-aided design programs to render their ideas. They may make handbags for a particular season or handbags to be paired with particular styles, and may market their handbags to retail stores or directly to consumers. Handbag designers select their materials, colors and fabrics and then oversee the production of their creations.

When you’re considering of spend lavishly on a new designer bag, then it is worth apprehending a style that will stand the trial of time, rather than just a season wonder that will finally end up assembling dust at the back of your closet. For instance, the perfect option is either to look to the outstanding some of which may have had a modern refashioning, but are still very much fashion free  or to snap up styles that have an endless delicacy about them (believe lasting colors, season-less outline and reliable fabrics).

So now, we bring in 20 of the best designer handbags which are improbable to date anytime soon, and will unquestionably never feel like a remorseful acquire.

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