Nigerian caps styles 

Hausa caps

Hausa ethnic group happens to be one of the most popular Nigerian tribes and the  Hausa cap also known as FULA, which is an element of clothing that commonly illustrate the history of the tribe. Their men’s cap style has become famous in many regions of Africa and the western meridian. In America their cap style is called Kufi, which is an African word translates crown. The FULA caps are styles with Hausa Baban riga or an easy going native top and trouser for daily expedition or various events. They are styled more often than the other caps afterward they are worn on formal days.

Yoruba caps

The ‘FILA’ is the Yoruba name for cap. Clashing the Igbo caps which are produce from wool, Yoruba caps can be produced from dissimilar types of fabric such as hand made Aso Oke textile, velvet, cotton or damask. The fila does not have any conventional importance but is instead used to accompaniment Yoruba native clothing just like Agbada, or Ankara, etc. A lot young people put on the FILA cap, Yoruba or not, when they attend nuptials, etc.

Igbo caps

Although the oval red headwear woolen cap are worn today by most men to exhaustive their Igbo attire, it is a sign that is contracted for high-ranking Igbo men from the East parts Nigeria.

The Igbo red headwear is a sign of power, heritage, and culture, and designate the bestowal of a chieftaincy appellation. Men that put on this cap are mostly addressed by “Nze”, “Ichie”, “Ozo”, “Ogbuefi” and a lot more.

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