About ripped jeans( crazy trousers)

The crazy trousers are made from the Italian denim design with a little stretch indulge for a perfect style. Their cuts attribute crazy folds on the bottom front seam, forming a pleasant and beautiful silhouette. The Trousers give your attire an artsy look but are still complimentary and  ageless due to their definitive fit.

Crazy trousers comes in many styles and designs. Some are just a cut transversing the knee, some are cuts are on the thigh, while some are cuts on other slice of the trousers substantial, such as the lower knee part. Others are small cuts or shreds, the remaining threads shielding up the holes, while some are just little scrapes on the exterior of the textiles.

Scarcely will you walk through any high street without seeing someone putting on the ripped trousers, which are universally called ‘crazy trouser’. This style has become so famous amongst both female and male, which includes some elderly people, are found devouring in it. And it’s so funny that some parents purchase such clothing for their kids.

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