About the Gele tying 

Gele tying is a common garment that is worn in numerous countries in Africa. Although, due to the distinction on the landmass and the number of different cultural groups, the way the Gele head ties are made and worn different in every country, and is most of the time different between regions in a country. That is, we need to be more certain when talking about head ties, and so in this article post, we’re going to take a more crucial look at  a type of head tie worn essentially by women in Nigeria.

One of the most known forms of headscarves around Africa is the gele tying from West Africa. It can be astonishingly complicated and is usually starched so the fabric becomes rigid to hold its shape. Substantial beautiful material with bold and energetic color of African print. Big enough to be worn various ways. Simple to tie and use. Can be wore around your neck as scarf or simply as a wrap for the whole head in dissimilar amazing styles that allay your sense of fashion. The probability are endless. Let you to dress up or dress down any attire for any usual or special occasion mai like for church or Black History month for modest fashion declaration.

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