Opportunities For Enterpreneures and Intellectual Body: Apply For TETFUND TETFAIR Contest For Researchers

Opportunities For Enterpreneures and Intellectual Body: Apply For TETFUND TETFAIR Contest For Researchers 2022

The portal of TETFUND TETFAIR program for 2022 has opened again for all enterpreneual and Intellectual Body to contest and show their innovative and creating Hub.

TETFAIR is a year-long programme, sponsored by TETFUND.

A unique opportunity for researchers and academics in Nigerian Universities to transform their ideas into market-driven solutions, Including the development and fabrication of prototypes.

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Selected teams of researchers and academic staff, who have ideas for innovative solutions in one of our areas of focus, will be taken through a journey that combines Technology and product development along with venture creation.

The program consist of different categories including Agricultura, Technology, environment, circular economy, health accessibility, Information and communication Technology and more.

The 12 month journey runs both in person and online

Who should apply?

You should be a team of between 2 to 4 researchers/academic staff, from a Nigerian university (TETFund enlisted beneficiary Institution). Your idea should be one of our areas of focus. Your vice chancellor’s office would need to approve your nomination by signing an endorsement form.

Your team should include multidisciplinary complementary skills that can potentially take the idea (with our help and mentorship) from an idea, through the development and fabrication of the prototype to a market-driven product.

Ideally, your team should include:

A member who has an idea for an innovative solution and has relevant knowledge and skills.

A member who has additional complementary relevant skills (technical/scientific/mechanical/medical/engineering, depends on your area of focus).

A member with financial/business/entrepreneurial skills or orientation.

Your innovation should be at the idea stage or early stages of development.

Ideally, your invention should include a hardware/physical element (Not only digital elements)

Application deadline

31 October 2022

Apply Here


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