Pi Network Lunching Date,pi Mall, Pi Price And Marchent Update Reviews Legit or Scam

Pi Network Lunching Date,pi Mall, Pi Price And Marchent Update Reviews Legit or Scam

Today Agajahub publishers under Crypto currency have decided to make a review about pi Network Lunching Date, pi Mall, Pi Price and other activities that are circulating the social media.

I Have not feared logics to just some how prove that yes, they have predicted the final launch price of it. And surprisingly, people just blindly believe that, in this article I will bust most of them and will tell you the reality. 

So stay with us until the end of this article. So you do not fall as a prey to this kind of traps in future. And also, we will discuss about the launch date of pi network in the mainstream.

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 You will be super rich if you are having a few pi coins because a website claims that the time when pi will launch its price will be around over $300,000. To be precise. The website claims that the price will be 314,000 and $159. And you know what’s more shocking. There are several people on the internet who claimed that they have purchased real things through the pie according to this price point. And not only that, they’ve also claimed that they have shown proofs to which is actually quite impressive and doubtful simultaneously so is that really happening? Will pie make you a millionaire or is there something which we need to ponder upon? Let us find out. As I told you there are several people on the internet claiming that they have paid their expenses with pie.

Inksnation and it’s acceptancy as a crypto currency in Nigeria and the world.

 Let me show you some of them. See in this picture, it seems like they had a good meal in a hotel, right? But this is not the actual thing they’re trying to convey and what the real content they’re showing through this is that you can see all are holding their cell phones in which pie networks application is open. And they’re basically showing that the tokens they had mined. They used to pay their bills. Not only this, many posts from the Vietnam region have come out.

 Seeing this picture a guy from Vietnam has posted a picture of his expensive watch and said that he bought it through a pie which did cost him around 0.007 pies and the cost of the watch in US dollars was about 2200 bucks. And in these polls, you can see that not only he showing his watch, but also the proof of the transactions which he did throw pie. And he also added that yes, one pie really is worth the amount that I told you before. 

And as I told you that Vietnam is a bit more saturated regarding the pie network and why I’m saying that well this next posts will clear that out. This is one of the craziest posts I have seen till now. And you can also see just how the Vietnamese are in a frenzy regarding pi network.

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 This is something a bit weird. There is a car showroom in Vietnam, which started  we are accepting payment in pi? Absolutely insane right.

 Now some of the viewers will blindly believe that yes, these are definitely true, wrong. And you will now say that PI Network does have a very strong community with over 35 million users. 

Yes, indeed they have. But if you really go a bit deeper to this, you will see that there are around 20 to 25 groups on Twitter, which do nothing other than promoting pi network. Every hour they post regarding pi network and making it look as the best crypto ever and blah, blah, blah. 

And I do not exactly know who those people are. But one thing I can definitely say is that if you go on the official twitter handle at the pie network, you will see no such posts like these. There is no such official statement regarding the pricing of the pie. So one thing I would say that until you get the official statement or any kind of announcement, do not believe anyone who claims that this price will be the real ultimate price of it. 

And if there’s no such official statement or anything regarding the price at all, it’s so clear that all of these posts which are being shared are totally fake. 

So now the question is why are these people doing these with this post? See, it’s clearly nothing but just a course of action to create a big hype for PI Network. And I do not know exactly if they are getting something or not on doing it. But I can definitely say that this will have no benefit to anybody else but the company is definitely benefiting by all of these. Because of these actions of these kinds of polls. 

They are really affecting and influencing people’s mindset and they are really attracting them towards the project. You see why I’m objecting is because this clearly is the price that’s too high, and it’s unrealistic given the number of users mining pie which is almost 35 million right. 

And the scenarios of this much pricing is pre used in the open main net. See, let me clear you with an example. There are 20 million users who are done with their KYC and it has an average of 500 DPI per person, okay? And if we multiplied with 20 million, which becomes 10 million pies, right, which are in the possession of the people, and further if 10 billion multiplied by 314,159. It would cost the PCT. Well, I don’t even know what number this is. But it’s 3141590000000000. This much. It’s too big.

 All 20 million pioneers who want to sell their pies. I don’t even know how much this money is. Is this a quadrillion? Please comment? The correct value because I’m not sure and worst case scenario here is if that is the next value. 

What will pioneer sell them at because everything that has the value so high? Can the PCT pay or exchange this value into fee it? This scenario according to some people talks about PI’s value during the open main net and we cannot deny that we are still dependent on fi at these days. One more thing

Regarding high net worth, which is grabbing people’s attention and luring them to words, it is the rumor of their e commerce website. Yes, you can buy things like you do in Amazon, etc. But instead of some real cash, you can pay out using the native token of the network pi. Also, if I talk about exactly that, when is the PI token going to be listed? There’s no concrete answer to that because currently the project is going through its third phrase, that is the main net phase. There is still no indication when or if the 35 million so called pioneers who mine on the PI Network are ever going to benefit from their coins. As of seven September 2022. There are still no coins being traded. 

There is still no way to buy the PI coin for your portfolio. Users who have mined the PI cryptocurrency will only be able to withdraw or exchange their coins. When the main net blockchain is open fully. Pi cannot be transferred during the testing phase. According to the official website. 

This has been done to prevent fake accounts from accumulating coins. Wallet balances are expected to be honored when pi shifts from the development mode to becoming fully live network. 

As a result the coin is not yet available to trade on any cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform. Also buys performance will totally depend on how the project develops once it goes live for trading, as well as the effect of overall sentiment on the cryptocurrency markets among other factors. So yeah, that’s all I got for you in this video. Hope you guys found the video helpful. And if you did, then do justice.

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