About bandana’s

Bandanas are a type of wide colorful kerchief that is usually styled on the head or neck. They  arise from the Indian landmass and come in printed decorative patterns. A lot  hold back hair and are used as fashion adornment. Worn around the wrist, neck, and head or tied to handbags or placed in back pockets, bandanas make a difference to your appearance. These colorful kerchiefs are unisex and can be worn during any season of the year. A bandana can add a touch to your looks. The Paisley pattern is the most common print of this accessory.

The bandana is one of the most adaptable pieces of attire to have entered the wardrobe of modern western advancement. There are a boundless number of ways to use the light square of approximately 20 by 20 inch cloth, but where did the bandana as we see it today came from? From olden days South Asian roots to the early American rebrand, we’re going deep on the fabulous bandana.

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