Die and dye fabric styles 

The tie and dye is a name used to characterize a number of withstand dyed products of these processes. The method of tie- dye consistently consists of bending, crumple, pleating, or break down fabric or a clothing, before irrevocable with string and rubber bands, followed by the appeal. The tie-dye vogue has been one impressive enough that it has pervade high fashion. All round the years it has arrived on the runways, even emerge in Haute Couture assemblage from Dior and Givenchy. If a thing endure true, it’s that tie-dye is an altering, cultural occurrence loved by the world for its calmness and youthful overtone that, even when it seems to be disappearing, comes full-force each and every time. 

Tips on how to tie dye your clothing.

Clue your materials, and set up your work place.

Blend your dyes, Pre-soak your attire if required.

 Wrap and tie your attire. (more of that below)

Cover the dye

Leave it in there(The solid part is waiting!)

Cleanse, wash, and put on your garment

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