Hair color design 

Coloring the hair is a very common thing in fashion now, so when you decide to color your hair, your hair looks hard. How? Hair colour works like an supplementary coat on your tresses. This gives a countenance of thicker, capacious hair. In this instance it is always the right idea to go for temporary hair colour, it adds courage to your hair and makes them look convalescent. When dying, knowing your hair type is important. For a basic survey of your hair’s greasepaint.

Immediately you know a bit about the foundation of your hair, it’s important to understand how it works on your hair. Your normal hair pigment, known as melanin, is enclosed in the cortex of your hair – which are the cells affiliated along with the hair fiber. This is why coloring the hair also happens in the cortex since it influence the natural pigment of your hair.

Hair coloring happy by coating each strand with color (temporary color) or by piercing each hair cuticle, entering the hair cortex, and joining with the hair (natural color). While temporary hair color can be washed out eventually, durable color, as the name propose, permanently colors the hair. Moreover, since hair always grows, the color will  eventually grow out. Just as there are dissimilar types of hair, there are dissimilar types of hair color, as seen in this article.

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