A list of love quotes for men and women to Enhance your Love and Trusting To your partner

 A list of love quotes for men and women to Enhance your Love and Trusting To your partner


For men

-Inaneman is a word that no one knows. I am looking for a word to express to you that… you are different, you are beautiful, you surpass other women. 

My heart and my step will never be separated forever. I love you so much.

1.  love is the thing that brought our hearts together until we found ourselves in love, I hope you won’t let any little thing come and divide us? I love you so.

 You are like salt in my life, if I lose you I will live a life without happiness in it


2. There are a lot of people who are discussing issues about the status of black people in my heart, I would like you to hear what they say, because that’s when you will confirm my love for you. I love you so! Much.

3. There are millions of flowers in the garden of lovers in this world. If I said that I would pick every single flower in your hand, that would not be enough to express how much I love you. You say my smile, and you say my happiness. I love you so much.

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4. There were times when I shed tears because of you, I know you will say why?… There was a time when I felt like I had wings to fly up… You know all the reasons why? ? Because of the movement of your love in my heart and finding myself in extreme passion every time I hear your voice or mine….I hope you will agree to live together forever. I love you so! Much

5. Every time it’s night, lift your head up and look at the sky, you will see a star coming down towards you, don’t you wonder why this happened? Believe me, that can happen in reality because I did it too until I found you. Hmm! Rest In Peace.

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6. my love, I love you more than you love me, I want to be with you because you make my heart happy just by looking at your eyes, I know that I can get energy, all the laziness and laziness has disappeared.

7. You are happy that I am here holding the trust of your love until the end of my life, I will never forget you.

9. Your love is like a flower that the eyes are charmed by looking at, the nose feels the fragrance, and the soul is calm.

10. If life is not possible without the wind, then I can’t live without the one who gives welfare and well-being will never be found in me as long as there is no love for you in the heart of Kinzama, the star that shines the light of the trees and flowers that are in the garden of the heart per.

For Women’s


1. Birds need wings to fly, fish need water to live, and I need you to live a happy life. I love you my love!

2. I want to hear you around me, so that my breath and yours will mix, so that I can listen to the sound of our heartbeats and go out together. Let’s be together forever. I love you so! Much

3. Every day I go to sleep, I dream that you will be the father of my children, and I will be your wife. But I know that my dream will not be enough for me based on the care that I hope to receive from you. That’s why I hope my dream will come true one day. I love you so! Much.

4. I love you, and I will continue to love you from sunrise to sunset in every day forever. 

5. I hope you understand my purpose? I hope you understand what I mean to you? I will live in your love until the last day, because you are not just a boy outside of me, you are my soul, your love flows in the blood that flows in my body. I love you so!

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