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The Abaya is the long dress for ladies is one of the best outfit to wear when going out for a date, frequently black and seen widespread. It is worn when outside of our comfort zones to comfortably cling to religious teachings about covering the woman’s curves when on dates. Produced from a narrow and flowing material under the hot temperature of our environment it became phenomenal to this district culture. Even though it can be of any color, black is well known. Beneath western attire are worn or a colorful kandoora, so the abaya is our outer clothing. On our head, is a veil. Which is usually a long rectangular scarf wrapped or tired once or twice around the head to the neck, as per each woman’s wish or preferred style. 

Most ladies add a full-face veil by combining an extra square of material, or by using the end of her veil. The face covering is known as gushwa  and is the traditional full-face veil for UAE. Most ladies wears the niqab also to protect their beauty from seen by the other guys, which serves as an extra style. the veil which is wrapped around the head and part pulled up to an open eye area. Ladies who adore to cover their face wherever, but drive or have a more open view will maybe prefer this  of clothing.

The various Abaya Dress Styles suitable for a love date are:

  • The Aba abaya – Is usually a wool or camel hair was used to make a coarse woollen fabric called the Aba. Aba was used to make the Abaya and was colored in vivid tone.

  • The Closed Abaya – If you want a stylish-looking abaya, Front zippered Abaya is best.

  • The Kaftan Abaya – Kaftan Abayas are very baggy robes used to cover body figures by some women. On a hot summer day, you can put on Mirraw’s loose-fitting kaftan abayas without feeling discomfort.

  • The Front Open Abaya- Front Open Abayas has several buttons and can also be opened and styled as a shrug. When required, you can also close the buttons according to your want.

  • The Denim Abaya- The most typical and fashionable abaya design is one made of denim. Denim abayas are permeable and soft, making them the right choice if you want to look elegant while wearing one.

  • The Maxi Abaya – Maxi Abayas looks like a Maxi, a flowy date night gown worn mostly for dates. Maxi abayas from Mirraw have ruffle at the bottom that make you look magnificent.

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