About braids

Braids have been throughout for generations, and even though the styles and capability have evolved, braids are still the number one hairstyle among black ladies. Apart from their cultural importance braids are well suitable for ethnic hair because the appearance, plaiting and twisting make beautiful artistic styles, additionally it’s a great technique of preservative styling for afros.

The easiest way to jazz up your strands? Start braiding. “Braids are such flexible hairstyles because there are so many diversity of them. There is a braided hairstyle for all occasion,” says Malcolm Cuthbert, a colorist at the Baja workshop in New York City. “They’re also a preservative style because your hair is cloistered, so braids are like shield for the hair.”

Broad or thin, loose or stiff, our most loved celebrities have pulled off astonishing braided hairstyles to motivate your next look. In looking for the best braided hairstyle for you, it’s greatest to go with your personal style firstly and then consider component such as longevity and conservation.

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