About knitwears

Cut and sew knitwear is produced from a pre-made material that has already been cut into separate panel shapes. The fabric clothing pieces are then sewn together with crucial stitches to make clothing materials. This kind of knitwear is the most typical method and is low cost to produce than completely fashioned knitwear, as it needs less labor. Moreover, the finished products usually look less polished, as there are mostly visible seams between the design pieces.

Doesn’t matter if worn plain or in a fair isle design, knitwear is at once both life changing and comforting. Giving unequalled interval on the coldest of winter days. It’s also adaptable. Merino, the most versatile of all wools, is both insulating and breathable, and good at adapting to a wide range of temperatures. Talking of which, which include washing on a low heat.

Knitwear wears were made famous by the most fashionable golfers, English farmers and educational prep boys, the knitted attire is a more traditional way to stay warm while looking extremely sharp. As about knitted crew necks, they can be used in boundless ways but the most typical is in formal to smart casual gatherings. 

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