About plain and pattern Ankara styles 

Which are the plain and pattern Ankara designs for ladies to wear in 2021-2022? From last year to this year, dress makers, fashion detractor and a lot of players in the fashion management decide trends and fashion most have pieces. If you want to have innovative outfits in your closet, then this is definitely for you. Designs for plain and pattern fabric. Now let’s talk about the newest plain and pattern designs. A outstanding and win-win choice is a combination of a plain top and bottom with a pattern and the other way round.

How is the plain and pattern Ankara fabric styled?

For instance, a single-colored shirt and multi-colored blazed skirt or multi-colored shirt and plain pencil skirt. The same combination can be made with trousers. Plain and Patterns Ankara is a very exceptional and distinctive Ankara. This Ankara appears in two, one is plain, one is pattern. And it comes in dissimilar colors and designs. Plain and pattern Ankara fabric can be varied together, and can also be-split . 

It can be used in designing their clothing of your alternative, such as skirt, trouser, top, gown, jacket and other types of outfits. You can use the pattern to make shirt and plain to produce trouser or skirt, or you can mix it to make both the blouse and the skirt/trouser or even make a gown, depending on how you want it.

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