About turtleneck clothing 

The turtleneck is a type of clothing with a high neck collar that is folded above itself to make a double layer on the wearer’s neck. The name is obtained from the visual resemblance to the folds of skin that shows on the neck of a a real turtle. Conventionally, a turtleneck clothing has a thin fit to the body and is established so that the folded neck part is finished in a beamed knit in disparity to the body’s solid knit. 

When is it best to wear turtleneck?

The turtlenecks are perfect mostly during cooler periods, and can be worn with a range of wardrobe pieces. The turtleneck goes by different names eg, the mock neck, polo neck, skivvy, and many others. This well-fitted clothing always comes in a high rolled collar, covering a part or most of your neck. So if your turtleneck isn’t that way. Then I don’t think that is a turtleneck attire. Here are some of the cutest outfit ideas on what to style with a turtleneck:

Who started the turtleneck fashion?

Turtlenecks as we see them today were styled by working class men which started in the final half of the 19th century. They were specially popular amongst dockworkers, fishermen, and even sailors, for the attire’s signature high-reaching, folded-over collar gave a valuable functional use in insulating the neck from cold weather and keeping the men warm as they work. Turtlenecks were also worn by athletes of the period, doesn’t matter if they played baseball, football, polo, and hockey for the very same purpose.

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