About bangles 

A bangle is normally made out of some firm substance like gold, silver, wood, plastic, or ivory. In other parts of South Asia, bangles are very frequently worn by women — there are extraordinary bangles that a bride, for instance, conventionally wears for her wedding. In Hinduism, it’s literally considered bad karma for a bride not to put on bangles. The source of bangle according to the Hindi word bangri means “colored glass bracelet or anklet.

For years, women have worn adorable jewelry pieces on their wrists and arms. These stylish decorative items come in an assemblage of colors, materials, and accent jewels. Meanwhile many may call them as bracelets, others use the word bangle. Until now, the two are not replaceable. How do we decode between a diamond bangle and a bracelet, and does it mainly make a dissimilarity in what one calls it? We’ll take you through a little history of these two adorable jewelry items and how to transform them.

The bangle is a type of jewelry piece that is stiff, ring-shaped, and made from metal. The conventional bangle is a closed round design, lacking a clasp cessation. In contrast, a bracelet may be made from an assemblage of materials and is a pliable piece consistently closed by a clasp. While both were made to adorn a woman’s wrist, the bangle has also been made to be worn on the upper arm and even leg all over many cultures. There are other dissimilarities between the two jewelry items to take note of, which include their history.

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