About beads jewelry 

You might tell that the the past of handcrafted beaded jewelry cannot perhaps be very interesting, but in reality, it is quite fascinating to learn where this part of culture started.  Some say that the starting of beaded jewelry began more than 70,000 years ago when a man found the beads and jewel and thought it was extraordinary beautiful.  Beaded jewelry has been used in different ways.  One way is just for beauty.  Another way is for value.  Some people would trade and purchase with beaded jewelry or beads.  And some tribes even used them as talismans.  

What are beads?

You apparently wondered a-lot of times, what are beads? Beads are mostly small, pretty pieces shaped in different ways. In some ancient tribes, even hundreds of years ago, the beads has been threaded on strings, also another types of threads to become jewelry pieces. Beads has different sizes. From very, very small ones, as tiny as few millimeters. Up to the way to big, bulky ones.

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