How To Access ChatGPT? Using an Android phone, iPhone and PC’s

 How To Access ChatGPT? Using an Android phone, iPhone and PC’s

ChatGPT is an online AI that helps people To find a solution to an educational matter, coding, Job cover letter and much more in form of chatting.

What exactly is ChatGPT you ask? 

Think of it like an online friend who’s always available for a chat, and very eager to help you. 

But this is no ordinary friend. 

ChatGPT is a very special friend who knows everything about everything. 

Ask it a question and you’ll get an answer instantly. 

The more information and context you provide, the more accurate its answers are. 

It remembers the entire conversation so you can provide feedback & ask it to make adjustments. It’s the ultimate assistant. 

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1) Resume Writing 

With ChatGPT, you now have a Professional Resume Writer at your fingertips. 

To get the ball rolling: 

(a) Ask for 20 resume bullet points with metrics for your target job. 

(b) Then ask it to rewrite each individual bullet point using relevant information from your experience. You’ll be amazed at what it spits out. 

2) Cover Letters ChatGPT loves writing Cover Letters. 

Use it to communicate YOUR WHY when applying for a job. 

Perhaps you’ve been a customer of the hiring company for years and you’d love to be a part of their product development team. 

Maybe your target employer supports a cause that helped your family. 

Get creative in there to help your application stand out. 

3) Performance Reviews Talk to ChatGPT like a human. 

Explain what you want to achieve with your performance review. 

List off your wins from the past year and what your plans are for 2023. 

Keep adding more context and you’ll be left with a performance review written by Hemingway. 

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4) Asking For A Raise 

It’s as simple as asking the Al for a salary negotiation script. Be sure to add context to strengthen your case: 

– Include your accomplishments 

– Why you enjoy your work 

– Your plans for the future 

– The going market rate 

And ask for masterful counterarguments if your request is denied. 

5) Perfect Emails 

Copy in any email to ChatGPT and ask it to write a reply for you. 

Explain what you want to achieve from the email and continue to iterate until you’re satisfied. 

6) Get What You Want Want to work from home permanently? 

Ask ChatGPT to write a request to your manager on why it’s a good idea. Want your employer to pay for education? 

Ask it to write a business strategy plan with revenue projections based on your newly acquired skillset. 

Figure out what you want out of your career, and then work with ChatGPT to develop a plan on how to get it. (It felt insane writing that last sentence ) 

7) Networking Craft the perfect outreach message. 

For example, you could ask ChatGPT to write a DM toa CEO. Provide context and explain that your goal is to get a meeting with the CEO to discuss ideas on how their company can expand operations to the UK. 

And you guessed it: 

Ask ChatGPT how their company can expand to the UK two minutes before the meeting 😉 

8) Idea Generation 

Give ChatGPT specific details about your target audience, products, services, location, budget, number of employees, etc. 

And ask it to generate ideas for anything and everything: 

– Developing a new product – Increasing revenue – Cutting costs 

– Marketing 

– Student project and more

How To Access ChatGPT?

The following are some steps you have to follow to access ChatGPT AI:
1. Go-to openai website 
2. At the top center corner of the website you’ll see an icon TRYCHATGPT click on it and it’ll take you to the ChatGPT AI

3. Login to your account if you already have account or sign up for new account if you don’t already have account
4. Input your details click on submit , verify your email address by clicking on the email they’ll send to you containing verification icon.
Input your remaining details and your mobile number, veryfy your phone number using the SMS they’ll send to you and Start Accessing ChatGPT AI.
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