About Afropunk 

There are not so many places in this world quite like Afropunk. As a matter of fact, it might be true to say that there is no any place like Afropunk. Since 2006, the music festival became lifestyle brand, has methodize a space for black people of different backgrounds, wants, and shades to celebrate black music, fashion, beauty, and pretty much every other incarnation of blackness. This year’s festival was not different. For the 13th year, Afropunk come back to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park to play on a two-day festival.

Just like preceding Afropunks, the event’s striking lineup competed for awareness against elegant attendees. As much as the devotees were there to watch their celebrities perform, they went there also to dance, play, eat, laugh, and thrive off the vigour of other festival dependable. These component are what separates Afropunk from other activities. Every year Afropunk brings together a group of like-minded people who respect uniqueness and boost it across all facets of life.

The most elegant fact about Afropunk is the freedom it gives. These feelings of privilege were announced both distinctly and in the noticeable hair, beauty, and fashion declaration of attendees. A-lot of these looks were DIY, and others were bought from the common apparel shops that sells everything from dashikis to impaled necklaces. A thing that each of these styles do have in coincident is the fact that they’re styled with confidence and with the ebullition glow of Afropunk hairstyles.

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