About Ankara fashion

 African prints consider African culture and, clashing may western fashion, conventional African clothing for women draw creativity from their surroundings. Design tell tales and convectional proverbs. Each line and color constitute a dissimilar piece of the puzzle, which all comes together to make a unique story.

Clothing was not broadly needed for warmth or defence in most region of the African landmass due to the cosy and hospitable weather and many tribes didn’t wear much at all. The men wore just a loin attire or apron and the ladies wore wraps on their waist or breasts, usually adorning the rest of their body with laceration and paint ochres.      

Another dissimilarity unique to African fashion is the appeal taken to making each piece. Working with artisans from African villages makes local people to have jobs. It also make sure that each clothing is handcrafted with love, care and specialist craftsmanship. Most times than not, socially tolerable practices and eco-friendly fabrics are utilised. These give back to the community while computing the health and wellbeing of their workers.

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