About flat footwear 

Nowadays, high heels are not  the only fashionable option when you’re selecting shoes for work or night out. Encouraging flats which are flats with vault support are becoming a famous option, because they’re more pleasant to walk in than high heels, and they’re becoming more and more elegant too.

The fantasy with any flats is to find the ones that looks like slippers but have the fashion attract of heels without the pustule. The most pleasant flats for ladies offer acquiescent and softness, a springy sole and a modulated footbed. And they look pleasant whether you put them on with a kick-flare trouser, wide-leg pants or slim pencil trousers.

That doesn’t mean walking around with flats all the time is without problem, the  drawback to flat footwear is that that they don’t always give the correct help to the ankle which can make your arches to lay low, the muscle around the soles of your feet can also commit, leading to a health problem termed plantar fasciitis.

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