About square neckline attire 

A square neck clothing creates a square shape around the chest. Usually cut wide and low, it gives the style of three sides of a square along the neck or jaw. Square neckline is an easy way to make the face appear longer, makes narrow shoulders look wider, and show out wider hips. They’re essential enough to style daily but also fascinating enough to look more elevated and stylish. 

Those people with rounder shape might not like the brutality of a square neckline, meanwhile those with angular shape will love the way the lines shows the jaw and collarbone. Square necklines are specially popular right now when styled with elegant florals, which has the briskly lines with more beautiful patterns.

For the petite, smaller chested ladies, a fitted square helps give a curvier, bustier shape. And for those with a shorter necks and tapered shoulders, this style does a beautiful job of making an elongated shape.

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