About drop earrings 

Drop earrings usually drops just beneath the earlobe. Mainly, drop earrings are easy pieces with which has something holding it be it a gemstones, metal or anything, bead or charm falling from the foundation of the earring. Even though the earring falls a little below the earlobe, the decorative piece doesn’t move and it some how motionless. For some drop earrings it moves, but the motion is stopped and only comes right off the foundation. And, the holder used for drop earrings are mostly attached with an “o-ring” for the drop earrings.

In a different style, the hook can fall off into dissimilar layers of equal or unequal extent. Drop earrings come in so many styles there is a lot of something for everyone. This are just a little of Joseph’s Jewelry choices we have to make. Made for pierced ears, borer earrings are uniquely dissimilar from all other kinds of earrings as they’re normally made with an extent of fine chain that sits on your piercing. They’re very pleasant to wear as the chain is no bigger than a normal ear post, and you can even sleep with them.


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