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Igbo Traditional Attire For Ladies

The Igbo women are always stylish and beautiful in their most unique clothing with every little piece of detail starting from their hair to their face, attire, and composure. That is why Igbo traditional ladies’ clothing is among the most popular traditional attires for ceremonies across Nigeria. Modern Igbo ladies traditional attire has developed from the old-fashioned wide fabric termed as the ekwerike clothing, into a now-fashionable outfit with a well-embroidered top, head tie or headscarf, and heavy beads usually worn on the neck, wrist, and even ankle.

A common Igbo lady knows how to style a two-layered wrapper. It is the customary way of dressing up for ladies from the eastern part of Nigeria. To stylishly tie your two-layered wrappers, you must first know the trick – the longer wrapper is tied first with legs extensively spread apart to make easy walking. Put on your fitted top and then finish your dressing with the shorter wrapper which is wrapped a little above the one tied first. Then finally a matching head tie or widely beaded cap like you see in the pictures below.

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