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What does a body-con mean to fashion? How do you style such form-fitting attire? Get ideas for styling a body-con and bandage attire, and purchase the latest looks. Body-con can be a long or rarely short body-conscious clothing.” It’s a ladies dress and fashion design that underline the body’s curves instead of covering them up. 

A bodycon attire is tight and hugs the body, mostly made of body-hugging, flexible material that fits over a lady’s silhouette seamlessly. The first person to introduce the world to bodycon attire was Herve Peugnew, the designer backing the Herve Leger brand during the 1990s. Eventually, this attire was designed to make people feel confident about themselves while feeling good at the same time. 

There are no size limit for a bodycon clothing or any fashion for this matter. Fashion is always about how you feel, when you feel good, you will always look good, no doubt. A-lot women contemplate on how to make their bodycon dress more fashionable, but the number one bodycon dress hack is always shape-wear.

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