About fur stole

When talking about the scarf or stole (doesn’t matter if it’s a cashmere stole, fur stole or any type of stole), there are a lot of misconceptions, and even different type of fashion conscious people get bewildered. In the fashion business, each term constitute very different things and uses, The stole is a lengthy piece of fabric mostly rectangular or square, but can also be triangular in shape also.

Many people are loathing by fur stoles that have the heads and feet still incorporated. Some are fascinated. If you style one, people will respond! The whole-fox-fur stoles are unanimous with nowadays bohemian looks, if not with nowadays bohemian morals. They’re also elastic for cosplay.

The stole is usually lighter than the scarf, and can be used for a lot of occasions. The stole can be described some how as a long shawl, mostly worn by the ladies and placed comfortably over the shoulder. The term stole mainly came from the ancient Roman stola, which is the ladies version of men’s toga.

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