Kimono styles 

The Kimono is the conventional dress of the people of Japan. It has lengthy sleeves which reaches from the shoulders all way down to one’s heels. Dissimilar types of Kimono are styled depending on the ceremony; Kimonos for everyday wear are a lot easy than those for normal occasions. Kimonos are normally made of silk and they are made with a belt known as an obi.

Kimono history 

Kimonos as we called them today have developed greatly of design, materials and worsen. From the Nara times (710-794) until the Heian times (794-1193), the Japanese tribe typically wore either assemblage consisting of different upper and lower clothing (trousers or skirts), or a piece garments.

The Samurai’s wears the Kimono everyday, usually it consists of an outer and inner coat. Usually made of silk, the capacity of the Kimono depended on the Samurai’s earnings and status. The convectional Kimono is hard to put on and is very extortionate for the simple person.

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