About neckties 

After what precedent, when and why did the necktie come to be such a crucial part of a man’s clothing ? Most likely, it came in the 17th century during the 29-year war in France. King Louis XIII assigned Croatian mercenaries who styled a piece of attire around their neck as part of their clothing. The cloth gave a little function save as a ornamental effect, but it was a style the King liked so much that he made them a obligatory accessory for Royal occasions. 

The practical purpose of the necktie was to tie down the peak of a shirt or other clothing and to keep heat from breaking free from the top half of the body. (And sometimes the men were just trying to hide their hairy neck). Nevertheless, it became a fashion and an important accessory for someone who wants to dress well. It completed their wardrobe.

The necktie is completely a decorative adornment, and not everyone likes them. There is no good reason to put one, mainly since it doesn’t keep us cosy and unquestionably does not give comfort. Although a-lot adore wearing them.

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