The shawl as a piece of the ladies fashionable dress. A shawl is an easy piece of clothing, effortlessly worn around the shoulders, upper body and arms, and at times also over the head. It is mostly an equilateral or a square piece of clothing, which is usually folded to foam a triangle, although can also be triangular in shape.

Shawl, rectangle, oblong, or triangular preservative or decorative article of gown worn,  normally by women, around the shoulders, neck, or head. It has been a usual article of clothing in most slice of the world since age. The period from abruptly 1800 until the 1870s, when the fashion outline changed, was termed as the “shawl time” because the ladies in Europe and America style shawls with nearly all their clothing.

At the start of the century, shawls were an essential piece in a fashionable lady’s wardrobe because clothing were thin and décolleté; it was a symbol of gentility to put on a shawl beautifully.

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