About stitch hairstyles 

Cornrows hairstyles are exceedingly prevalent in African American history as they are known to have been used to make maps and signs for slaves to escape confinement. These traditional hairstyles have now given way to different other braiding methods. one of which is the design known as stitch braids. The stitch braids design emerged and upraise in popularity last year.

How to braid stitch hairstyles 

Stitch Braids are braided by split up the hair into relatively five to seven parallel lines down the head. A slight thin line of hair is cut out and left to run horizontally to the utmost one. The Stitch Braids upgraded from styles like Ghana braids and also cornrows.

However, in accordance to stitch braiding, the broad lines of hair are divided into stylish box shapes of hairy razor-straight lines. Stitch Braids were meant to be very invariable and crisp – the hair oil will further help them make this style. All strands of hair are sympathize in place by the hair oil.

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