About headphones 

Headphones are set of small speakers used to listen to any sound from any device such as computers, music player and all electronic device. Headphones initially consisted of one speaker for ever ear, bonded by a band on the head. And this style is still in use, nowadays headphones are always available in a little bit smaller setup that is put inside the ear, and generally called earbuds. This-day headphones can be wireless or wired.

Headphones came in different shapes and styles. The older days style looks just like some shown below. Headphones uses styrofoam or a different soft material around the earpieces to give a comfortable feeling around your ear. They also have a malleable or light piece headband to connect them.

Headphones allows a single person listen to a sound source privately, in distinction to a loudspeaker, which release sound into the open air for people nearby to hear. Some headphones are also called as earspeakers, earphones and colloquially or even cans. 

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