Part Time Job For Women in USA and Europe 2023

Part Time Job For Women in USA and Europe 2023

Part time Job for women in America and Europe

Agajahub publisher has gathered a large number of part time job for women around America Europe and other countries for any student International foreigners indigen full may be interested in part time job in the above location I have mentioned earlier.

we will sort a number of part-time jobs for women currently in this 2023 for people to apply, we are not bringing much information about every part time job.

STEM Scholarship For Women in Europe 2023

but we’ll list a part-time job and the link to Apply For it   and some little information about it so that you can go there and read it apply it for your own benefit.

There is a lot of part-time job depending on your skills like:

  • coding
  •  mentoring
  •  barristers 
  • Writing
  • Documents Retyping
  • Data entry
  • Project assistance
  • Student tutoring
  • Cleaning
  • Barbing
  • Hairstyle
  • Carpenter
  • Fishery farming
  • plumbing 
  • teaching
  •  assistants
  •  restaurant server 
  • delivery work
  • distributor
  •  night shift working
  •  driving
  •   lead work and so on

List Of Currently Ongoing Part time Job For Women in USA and Europe To Apply in 2023.

1. Registered Nurse – PT Days



Job Type




NaphCare is Recruiting a fully  Registered Nurse personal to join our community at the Washignton County Jail located in Hillsboro, WA. 

Come to learn correctional healthcare while you work, as you can use our cutting-edge resources, including our award winning electronic operating system.

Apply Here

2.  Job title: Takoma Park Executive Functioning Executive Functioning (ADHD) Tutor

Company: Varsity Tutors

Location: Takoma Park, MD

Job date: Sun, 05 Feb 2023 08:07:55 GMT

Apply Here

3. Scottsdale ISEE- Upper Level Tutor

Job Type


The Varsity Tutors community has numerous number of students hiring for online ISEE- Upper Level tutors nationally and in Scottsdale. 

As a tutor who uses the Varsity Tutors community, you can earn good amount of money, choose your own time, and truly make a difference in the lives of your Study.

Apply Here

 4.  Antioch, IL – Facility Maintenance Worker (Part-Time)


The Village of Antioch is seeking qualified applicants for the position of a Part-Time Public Works Facilities Maintenance Worker. This position is responsible for performing cleaning duties such as mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, sanitizing, surface cleaning and dusting, garbage removal, maintain inventory in restrooms, and cleaning outside windows as needed.

5. A Part-time Call Centre job especially for students 

Requirements For The Job:

  • Basic English language
  • Punctual
  • Qualification 
  • The Maximum Age Required is (25)

Apply Here

6. Morning, Evning, Night , Student Office Work JOB’s Lahore


Urdu (Required)
English (Required)
Panjabi (Required)

Apply Here

7. Female Night Shift English speaking Quran Teacher Required For Canada & USA

Job Type


Apply Here

List Of 20 Part time Job For Women in USA

In this List 20 part time job for women in Europe I’ll discuss different skills that can be used for Part time Job in European countries.
1. Retail sales Associate: Working in a retail stores as a sales Associate can also be a good part-time job for women in Europe.
2. Customer service representative: Women can also works as a customer services Representatives in various industries such as telecommunications, finance, and retails industry as a part time job.
3. Tutoring Job: Women who have expertises in specific subjects can also work as a tutor to help students who need extra academic lesson to past examination.
4. Administrative Assistant: allot of businesses and organizations required a part-time Administrative support, and women can also work as administrative Assistants there.
5. Freelancing as writer: Women who have profession writing skills can work as freelancing writers and write articles, blog posts, or other content for online platforms.
6. Graphic designer: Women who have experience in graphic design can also have chance to work as a freelance graphic designer and help clients create logos, marketing materials, or other designs.
 7. Translator: Women who are able to speak and fluent in multiple languages can work as a freelance translator to translate documents or websites from one language To another.
8. Social media Accounts manager: Women who have experience in social media marketing can work as a social media accounts manager and help businesses or organizations owners manage their online Account.
9. Personal trainer: Women who are passionate about fitness and health can work as a part-time personal Trainee and help clients achieve their fitness goals.
 10. Event planner: Women who have experience in event planning, Event Organizer can work as a freelance event planner or Organizer and help clients organize an event like weddings, parties, or corporate events.
 11.  Photographer: Women who have photography skills can work as a freelance photographer and take pictures for various events or occasions.
 12. House cleaner: Women can work as house cleaners and help people keep their homes good and clean.
 13. Virtual Assistant: Women can work as virtual Assistants and help businesses or individuals manage their administrative tasks remotely from home.
14.  Dog walker: Women who love dogs can work as a part-time dog walker and help dog owners ensure that their pets get enough exercise by taking it around.
15.  Baker: Women who have baking skills can also work as a part-time baker and bake cakes, pastries, or other treats for customers as part time job.
16.   Gardener: Women who enjoy gardening can work as part-time gardeners and help people in making some maintaining work in their gardens.
17.  Makeup artist: Women who have experience in makeup artistry can work as a freelance makeup artist and help clients look their best for events or special occasions.
 18. Personal shopper: Women can work as a personal shopper to others and help clients find the right clothes and shoes, accessories, or gifts as part time job.
19.  Yoga Instructor: Women who are passionate and have skills about yoga can work as a part-time yoga Instructor and help people improve their physical and mental health as a part time Job.
 20. Nail technician: Women who have experience in nail artistry can work as a part-time nail technician and help clients get beautiful and well maintained nails.

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