Scholarship Opportunities: List Of Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities In Nigeria 2023.

 Scholarship Opportunities: List Of Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities In Nigeria 2023, Portal Link, eligibility criteria, deadline and the university

There’s allot of ongoing Scholarship and Job Opportunities In Nigeria that we May not publish in Agajahub publisher, therefore we’ve decided to compile all the ongoing Scholarship Opportunities In Nigeria for our followers to apply in this 2023 Season.
Gathering all Fully Funded Nigerian Scholarship for 2023 The Scholarship is our main goal in this article, the opportunities are for Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., research, and Postdoc degree.
Scholarship Opportunities is like game of luck no any guaranty of been successful what ever SOP you get, your knowledge, educational background and the lucky will Grant you Scholarship Opportunities.

List Of All Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities In Nigeria 2023

1. NNPC-SNEPCo National University Scholarship / Scheme


The Applications of this year should be submitted online only on or before 14 of April 2023. 
The Examination/test details will only be communicated to Those Who are shortlisted candidates.

How do I apply?

You must follow the paper format advertised and provide all the required documentation. The application format can be read Here

2. Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited / 2022/2023

The Application Deadline is 3/06/2023 

Who is eligible for the 2022/2023 NAE Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme?  

The Only candidates with his offer of admission ready in courses that are related to the following courses should apply:
  • Geosciences
  • Engineering (Petroleum
  • Mechanical
  • Civil 
  • Subsea
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Marine, Chemical)
  • Petroleum Economics
  • Law (Oil and Gas/Petroleum)

How To Apply

Here’s the official portal link to Apply

3. KPMG Nigerian University Scholarship 2023/2024 Programme

Here’s The General elegibility and Criteria Of the scholarship.

  • The applicants most Have completed their secondary education at a state-owned Government school within the last 2 years.
  • Candidates must have A minimum of 5 Distinctions (As & Bs) from their WASSCE including English and Mathematics subjects.
  • Applicants must have A minimum score of 230 in the Jamb/ Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).
  • The candidates must Already have an admission letter or a provisional letter of admission to Any federal university within Nigeria.

How to Apply for KPMG Nigerian University Scholarship 2023 

4. NITDA Postgraduate Scholarship 2023

NITDA Postgraduate Scholarship is also among the NIGERIAN Scholarship Opportunities that provides a chance for NIGERIAN student to go for further level of studies.

Objectives Of The NITDA Postgraduate Scholarship

  • To produce globally competitive human capital in the area of ICT.
  • To provide opportunities for Nigerian youths to achieve their dreams especially in the area of ICT.
  • Create jobs/wealth in IT related field.
  • Provide alternative source of revenue for Nigeria from natural resource-based to knowledge-based.

How To Apply For NITDA Postgraduate Scholarship Opportunities 2023

Here’s the official portal link to Apply For NITDA Postgraduate Scholarship

List Of Scholarship in Nigeria

  1. Guiness Scholarship for Nigeria.
  2. Julius Berger Scholarship for Nigeria.
  3. Agbami Fellowship
  4. The Gani Fawehinmi Award
  5. CHEVRON/NNPC Scholarship
  6. Bishop Oyedepo Scholarship for Undergraduates.
  7. Undergraduate NPDC/SEPLAT Scholarship 
  8. NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship
  9. Scholarship from the JIM Ovia Fund at Covenant University.
  10. Shell/SPDC JV Fellowship
  11. Federal Government Scholarship Grant from Mid Western Oil and Gas JV for Nigerian Undergraduates
  12. Undergraduate.
  13.  Fellowship with FOCI.
  14. Awards from the Allex.
  15.  Otti Fund for Undergraduates.
  16. NNPC/Eroton JV Scholarship for Undergraduates
  17. Scholarship from the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation
  18. Nigeria Agip Fellowship.
  19. KPMG Scholarship for College.
  20. Scholarship from NNPC/SNEPCo.
  21. Stanbic IBTC Scholarship for College.
  22. Science and Technology Scholarship from the MTN Foundation.
  23. Undergraduate Scholarship from NNPC/TOTAL
  24. Kwankwasiya Scholarship
  25. Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship KIF Scholarship
  26. PTDF Scholarship
  27. Julius Berger Nigeria Scholarship Scheme
  28. Steve Eshiemogie scholarship
  29. Nigeria Agip Fellowship.
  30. KPMG Scholarship for College.
  31. Scholarship from NNPC/SNEPCo.
  32. Stanbic IBTC Scholarship for College.
  33. Science and Technology Scholarship from the MTN Foundation.
  34. Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme.
  35. NITDA Postgraduate Scholarships
  36. Federal Government Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. for Study Oversea

Important Of The Scholarship Opportunities List for both ongoing and upcoming Scholarship by Agajahub publishers

Scholarship is an opportunity for every student to go further study  level while he’s not having a sufficient found in his pocket.
I have been guiding in Nigerian students that whenever you are looking for scholarship stop asking people where when how to apply for the scholarship go online make a research about the scholarship you are looking for and the type of scholarship you are looking for search for it, know when and  where the portal of the scholarship you are looking for is opening portal so that you will apply for that particular scholarship.
Most of the time bloggers can highlight an important information  about the scholarship like letting people to know that the scholarship is open, but know that you will not be asking the blogger what and what to do in the particular scholarship.
 the best thing to know is that does the scholarship througly  Opened then that is good he make a very good work to you.
Now you know that the scholarship is open so what to do next is to make a research about the scholarship.

20 Best Strategic Ways to Apply When Looking/Searching For Scholarship

  1.  Decided the types of Scholarship Opportunities your are targeting For
  2. Know the Time your targeted Scholarship is opening
  3. Know the type of Scholarship if it’s either fully/ partially founded
  4. Know the requirements for the scholarship you’re targeting For
  5. Gather your documents in preparation for the scholarship Requirements
  6. Join the group chat in Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter Related to your targeted Scholarship
  7. Try to get a contact with students that already win the scholarship
  8. Ask about the scholarship Everytime
  9. Comment and react to the post, Tweets Related to the scholarship so that algorithm will be suggesting Scholarship Related topics to you
  10. Confirm the old URL, Link of the school so that you’ll know the legit portal when the scholarship Open
  11. Follow the main grantor  like (NNPC, Shall, NITDA) of your targeted Scholarship in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to avoid fake News
  12. Register to the Newsletter of the legit website that publish the older Scholarship ( 2022 ) if you’re targeting for 2023 Scholarship Opportunities
  13. Read the whole terms and conditions, instruction carefully before applying for any scholarships
  14. Make sure you complete the application form correctly before submitting by asking questions to whatever you didn’t understand in the form.
  15. Be reviewing the application portal after submitting before the release of the Successful shortlisted candidates
  16. Be reading News about the scholarship you apply, asking questions about it, and checking your email address For any possible News
  17. Contact the main grantor of the scholarship through email if you see anything that gives you Problem ( example: national I’d, maybe your country national I’d is 12 and the field /space provided by the portal is 11)
  18. Make sure you see And read SOP that win your targeted Scholarship for the last season
  19. Reapply the scholarship for the next year or time if you do not get it for The first time
  20. Take an extra skills about copywriting, CV Writing, international Scholarship knowledge and more.
The above mention strategic ways to win any scholarship either International, national or any other agency scholarship is the fact that anyone who want to be a successful applicants in any scholarship has to be familiar with those scholarship guide.

How To Set a Targeted scholarship Country

For example if you are looking for a scholarship  in a country  like America, Germany, Korea, Chinese, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Mexico or any other country in the world, what you have to do for the first time is to set that country as you are targeted scholarship country.
Settings at country as you’re targeted scholarship country is very important and is also helpful for you to win a scholarship in that country.
  •  You have to know everything about the country like the requirement for you to live in a country .
  • you must know the Visa issues in the country.
  •  you must to know the Study time.
  • you must know when the scholarship is of open.
  •  you must to know the language they are studying with.
  •  you must know anything related to that country and how they do their own studies.

List Of top 5 Important Thing That Makes/ Help You Win any Scholarship

  1. Good CGPA
  2. Good SOP
  3. Country Slots for international students
  4. Getting everything ready before opening the scholarship like Visa, Transcript, Certificate of graduation etc.
  5. Lucky, Constancy, retrying and destiny.
Agajahub publishers wishes all Scholarship Opportunities seekers all the best.
Agajahub publishers

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