NPC Training Update For Today 18-04-2023: NPC Release Training Questionnaire For 2023 Census Exercise

 NPC Training Update For Today 18-04-2023: NPC Release Training Questionnaire For 2023 Census Exercise

NPC Training update

The national population commission NPC has released the questionnaire structure for the 2023 cencus exercise, the commission has made a clarification on internally displaced person IDP issue across the nation.
According to the News Release by the commission all IDP camp in Nigeria will be considered including Benue State and Others.
The chairman national population commission has revealed that there is no religious questions in this 2023 census, the issue of religious ethnicity will not be considered so as to make the 2023 census among the best of all ever and the upcoming census that has or will hold in Nigeria.

Questionnaire For The 2023 NPC Census Exercise

The above papers consist of all the structure of 2023 cencus exercise.
On the other hand, people are asking us about the following questions : 
NPC training allowance
NPC training date
NPC training Center
NPC Training Update
NPC Training date for Enumerators and Supervisors
Latest News on NPC training date
NPC Training date for Enumerators
Postponement of NPC Training
Agajahub publishers Response about that is we are asking people to always stick on the announcement made by national population commission as we always used to release a news about the training Postponement, the new training dates, the allowances of the Enumerators and  supervisor, and what ever exercise that will occur in the 2023 census exercise.

The real answer about NPC Training Date is that :

As you all know Earlier we have publish a postponement News about The NPC Training as from That day there’s no any specific Date For The 2023 Census Exercise yet, as we’re awaiting for the Release of the new selected date from the NPC (National Population Commission).
Agajahub publishers

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