Simple Stape To Change Your Name In Nigeria

Simple Stape To Change Your Name In Nigeria

Today Agajahub publisher has decided to write an article about the simple way to change your name.

Here’s The List Of 10 Possible Reasons To Change Your Name

 1. MARRIAGE: One of the most widely recognized explanations behind an individual to change their name is because of marriage. In many societies, ladies take their significant other’s last name after getting hitched.

2. DIVORCE: One more typical justification behind a name change is separate. To symbolize a new beginning, a person may wish to return to their maiden name or select a brand-new name.

3. PREFERENCES PERSONAL: It’s possible that a person doesn’t like their name and wants to change it to something more appropriate or appealing.

4. Religious or cultural reasons: A person’s name can be changed to better reflect their new cultural or religious identity.

5. Generational Change: It is possible for people who change their gender to change their name to reflect their gender identity.

6. ADOPTION: Youngsters who are taken on may have their names changed to mirror their new family.

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7. IMMIGRATION: People who move to another nation might decide to change their name to find a place with the new culture.

8. Protection for witnesses: To safeguard their identity, participants in a witness protection program may have their names changed.

9. Motives for Career: An individual might change their name to assist with their vocation, for example, embracing a more expert sounding name or taking on a phase name.

10. Legal grounds: A person may change their name for legal reasons, such as to correct a misspelling on official documents or to avoid confusion with another person with the same name.

Requirements For Change Of Name In Nigeria

  • Affidavit by Court
  • Marriage certificate
there’s many different institution to apply for change of name but newspapers remain best.
Daily Trust Is one of the best and popularly known News paper in Nigeria and fortunately they’ve Opened an online portal where you’ll submit your change of name.

Publishing your ‘Change of Name’ with Daily Trust Newspaper is now as simple as having an internet-enabled device Stress
We just took the stress out of your next ‘Change of Name’ ad as you can now get it done by simply clicking the link below:
Kindly open the portal provide your information and proceed to make a payment of N3000 then click on apply.
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