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Civil Society Leadership Awards for Master’s Degrees

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Jan 27, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of higher education, the Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) stand out as a beacon of empowerment, offering a fully funded master’s degree for individuals who embody both academic prowess and a profound dedication to catalyzing positive social change in their communities. This transformative initiative is spearheaded by the Open Society Foundation, creating avenues for intellectual growth and societal impact.

Host Universities Paving the Way

CSLA extends its wings to esteemed institutions in diverse countries, including France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, the UK, Ireland, and the United States. Each host university, a bastion of knowledge and innovation, becomes a nurturing ground for the leaders of tomorrow.

Mastering Change: Fields of Study

A Myriad of Disciplines

The master’s degree program under CSLA encompasses an array of fields, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. From Communications, Journalism & Media to Gender Studies, the spectrum is wide, catering to the diverse interests and aspirations of prospective scholars.

Tailored Courses Aligned with Ambitions

Delve into courses such as Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding at Durham University, Violence, Conflict, and Development at SOAS University of London, or Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University. CSLA doesn’t just fund education; it fuels passions and aligns scholars with courses that resonate with their ambitions.

Who Qualifies?

A Global Call to Action

While the number of awards remains unspecified, the call is global. Citizens from countries like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, and more are invited to step forward. CSLA embraces diversity, fostering a network of leaders from different corners of the world.

Scholarship Benefits

CSLA grantees not only receive financial support but a holistic package that includes pre-academic preparation, program-related travel, tuition coverage, and a monthly stipend for living expenses. The scholarship isn’t just about funding; it’s about nurturing excellence and empowering scholars for societal impact.

Eligibility Criteria

A Roadmap to Success

Aspiring applicants must meet specific criteria, from citizenship of eligible countries to demonstrating civil society leadership potential. Academic excellence, professional experience, and proficiency in the language of instruction are prerequisites. CSLA seeks individuals committed to returning to their home countries, becoming catalysts for open society development.

Application Process

A Chapter Concluded

While these awards are now closed, understanding the application process provides insights into the rigorous selection. Applicants needed to submit their CSLA applications by midnight, 15 May 2020, Eastern Daylight Time. The official website, a trove of information, guided potential scholars through the application intricacies.

In the tapestry of global education, CSLA is a thread weaving together intellect, commitment, and societal impact. As the gates to these awards close, the echoes of past scholars reverberate, shaping a future where education becomes a catalyst for positive change.

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